For employees

Occasionally, employees may face stressful situations, either at work or ones which affect work, and often have no access to affordable means of support. That’s where we can help!

We provide cost effective coaching and representation direct to employees to guide them through such situations. Through our support, employees who were facing dismissal have successfully defended allegations of misconduct and employers have even altered their working practices as a result.

We can also provide support with a range of common mental health issues that are effecting work.  We have CIPD qualified staff who have undergone a wealth of training in adult social care and psychological wellbeing and have practical experience in supporting people with a range of mental health issues.

Our services include support to:

Raise a grievance

Prepare a defence for a disciplinary hearing

Identify grounds and prepare an appeal against dismissal

Negotiate a redundancy package

Negotiate a mutual termination

Manage the effects of a common mental health disorder

Improve an employer’s understanding and support of a common mental health disorder or a disability, its affects and implementation of reasonable adjustments

Our specialist will provide confidential advice and support, via telephone and face-to-face, to guide employees through each process, informing them of their rights and the obligations of their employers.

For employers

Good employee relations is essential to commitment, conduct and performance and can significantly reduce absence and error costs. From time to time employees will need support to deal with the challenges they face, be it a disciplinary, redundancy, conflict with a colleague or even a personal situation which is effecting their focus at work.

Giving your employees access to support will help to build trust and confidence which will minimise the disruption to your business caused by insecurities, trepidation and perceived injustice.  We offer a range of services to employees to support them through difficult times.

A confidential advice line will give your employees:

An objective third party to provide advice and guidance on sensitive matters

Support for harassment and bullying

Support and guidance on common mental health conditions associated with issues in the workplace

Guidance and coaching through disciplinary and grievance

Carer guidance and support

Coaching and advice on being a witness

Guidance and coaching through disciplinary and grievance

We have CIPD qualified staff that have undergone a wealth of training in adult social care and have practical experience in supporting people with a range of mental health issues.